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Born before the Bronze Age, he no longer recalls his origins or his life as a mortal. He knows only that he has been many things: warrior, slave, general, scholar, master swordsman, physician. Death.

Alone, he has known the betrayals of a thousand lifetimes, and still he endures, his wisdom wrapped in cautious silence, his heart guarded by weary cynicism that yet  longs for hope. Calculating and shrewd, he is a mystery. A chameleon even to himself.

In the end, there can be only one. May it be Methos..


"It is good to be a myth."

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Credit where credit is due: Some of the original screen captures for the manipulated images have been borrowed from other sites, chiefly: Carpe Methos, Methosluvr, and Ricki's Immortalisque. All other screen captures collected here were, however, made by me. You're more than welcome to use them with the following understanding: all screen captures are copyrighted by Panzer/Davis Productions and Rysher Entertainment, a division of Cox Media. No money is made from this site and the images are for entertainment purposes only.

All web design grapics including backgrounds, titles, swords, and text colors were created and designed by me. You're welcome to use them on your site, but please let me know so I can visit them.

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