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Till Death: MacLeod's good friends are having marital problems and he turns to Methos for help. Just what the hell was he thinking, anyway?!

60.jpg (9817 bytes) Methos: [looking through Duncan's CD collection] Opera. Opera. Opera. Opera. There's a lot of opera here. Gotta do something about his music. There's no Springsteen. There's no Queen... 61.jpg (9271 bytes)
62.jpg (8553 bytes) [Buzz.] 63.jpg (10854 bytes)
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67.jpg (10515 bytes) Gina: You!

Methos: I can explain. [unconvincing laugh] It was a joke.

Gina: I'm not laughing. Where is MacLeod? Dead?!

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69.jpg (9750 bytes) Methos: No, no, he's — he's fine. This has all just been a big mistake.

Gina: Huge. And you made it when you tried to kill my husband.

Methos: [mutters] I knew this would happen. [Makes a grab for his sword.]

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[On the deck of the barge, Gina allows Duncan and Robert to believe she has killed Methos. They're panicking until they hear Methos' buzz.]

Duncan: Not funny!

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10.jpg (12794 bytes) Methos: Oh, I don't know, pretty funny from here!

Duncan: Oh really? Well maybe I should take your head instead. How about that?

Gina: What's the matter, Duncan? Can't you take a joke?

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[Inside the barge.]

Methos: Look at this place. I've never seen such a mess. These sheets are disgusting! [Sees Duncan unpacking a vase from a crate and throwing straw on the floor.] Hey, enough with the mess! I have to live here.

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13.jpg (11539 bytes) Duncan: [insincerely] Oh, I'm sorry. [Holds up the vase.] My wedding present to them. Only one of six left in the world.

Methos: Yeah, when I was living in China, way back when, those things were a dime a dozen. If only I'd known then what I know now.

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Duncan: Pity. So what are you gonna get 'em? A toaster?

Methos: Well, you know, you were right, they are a unique couple, so I figured I should give them something unique.

Duncan: Yeah? Like what?

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18.jpg (10721 bytes) Methos: My boat.

Duncan: The barge?! You can't give them the barge!

Methos: Why not?

Duncan: Because—

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21.jpg (11845 bytes) Methos: It's my boat. I can do what I like with it.

Duncan: Fine.

Methos: But then I figured that probably everyone would give them something unique, so I went with a toaster.

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90.jpg (7499 bytes) [Methos tosses the barge's keys to Duncan, who drops vase as he tries to grab them.]

Methos: You keep the barge. I hate the water.

[Duncan sputters.]

Methos: Get the mess cleaned up. [Throws Duncan a mop on his way out.]

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