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Through a Glass, Darkly: MacLeod discovers that an old friend is suffering from amnesia. An interesting look at the double-edged sword that is memory.

1.jpg (11562 bytes) [At Alexa's grave in Paris.]

Methos: She loved Greece, Santorini especially.

Duncan: Well, she would never have seen it if you hadn't taken her.

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4.jpg (14002 bytes) Methos: I think she might have liked to have been buried there, but I didn't want her to be so far away.

Duncan: Come on. I'll drive you home.

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7.jpg (12782 bytes) Methos: You know, I knew Alexa was dying, every moment we were together, everywhere we went, I knew, and yet, when she finally closed her eyes, I was surprised.

Duncan: You know the Navajo have a saying: The Spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you.

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9.jpg (14221 bytes) Methos: Aren't you a little young to be so smart?

[Buzz. Duncan starts to wander off.]

Methos: MacLeod!

Duncan: Just looking.

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16.jpg (10293 bytes) [Outside cemetery.]

Duncan: I don't understand. It's as if he didn't know who I was, who he was, or what was going on.

Methos: You should be more paranoid.

Duncan: What are you talking about?

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17.jpg (9482 bytes) Methos: Hey, look, Cochrane runs out screaming bloody murder. How do you react? You're confused, off balance, distracted. Maybe that's what he wants. 18.jpg (10721 bytes)
19.jpg (10829 bytes) Duncan: You don't trust anybody, do you?

Methos: I find it safer not to make a habit of it, no. Present company excepted, of course.

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22.jpg (7955 bytes) Duncan: But he was my friend.

Methos: Yeah — was.

Duncan: If he wanted to face me, one of us would be dead. Warren Cochrane never walked away from a fight in his life.

Methos: All I'm saying is don't take anything for granted.

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[At Shakespeare & Company.]

Duncan: Methos!?

Methos: In the cellar. There's a fake wall on your right. Been storing stuff down here for years. I can't believe Paris is prone to flooding in the winter.

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Duncan: Well, just be thankful you don't own a barge.

Methos: It's not that bad. You can read them, at least. That's the main thing. How's your Latin?

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Duncan: Well, it's either rusty or I'm looking at a recipe for sea anemones.

Methos: Apicius. Rome's favorite early Roman cook. What he could do with lentils and chestnuts — mmm. Looked like road tar but tasted... I'll cook it for you sometime.

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34.jpg (15695 bytes) Duncan: [Less than enthusiastically] Great.

Methos: Okay, you didn't come here to exchange recipes.

Duncan: Well, I saw Cochrane. He doesn't remember me. He doesn't remember his wife. He doesn't remember his life — anything. I just didn't think Immortals got amnesia.

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Methos: Well, it can't be physical. If he's not faking it, he must have had one hell of an emotional shock. How did he react when you told him what he is?

Duncan: I didn't get the chance. Look, I need some information from you.

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Methos: Oh no no no no. I got to keep a low profile.

Duncan: Come on, Methos. This is important to me.

Methos: [pause] Okay.

Duncan: Thanks.

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Methos: What would it be like, do you think?

Duncan: What? To forget everything?

Methos: To start fresh. Maybe it's a blessing.

Duncan: Until someone comes and takes your head.

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49.jpg (9168 bytes) [On a street.]

Methos: Okay, I'm telling you, you getting involved with this guy is a mistake.

Duncan: Look, he was my friend and he's in trouble. What do you want me to do? Walk away?

Methos: I would.

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54.jpg (11424 bytes) Duncan: Put it like this: If he doesn't know who he is, then he's a danger to all of us.

Methos: So lure him outside and take his head. Problem solved.

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55.jpg (11489 bytes) Duncan: You know, I never know when you're kidding.

Methos: Part of my charm. Okay, I pulled his file. He's been using this Goddard identity for about 15 years. He writes travel books, uh, historical England, historical Scotland...

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61.jpg (7696 bytes) Duncan: His wife says he was on a research trip when he disappeared. Any idea where?

Methos: [laugh] I think you overestimate the efficiency of the Watcher network.

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62.jpg (8553 bytes) Duncan: Really? [Starts tossing papers from Cochrane's file into the wind.]

Methos: MacLeod! [Scrambles to pick them up.] Look, I'll do what I can, okay?

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65.jpg (10397 bytes) Duncan: [smiles] Good. I'll talk to you later.

Methos: [mutters under breath] Boy Scout.

Duncan: What did you say?

Methos: Nothing.

Duncan: Didn't think so.

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