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Through a Glass, Darkly: MacLeod discovers that an old friend is suffering from amnesia. An interesting look at the double-edged sword that is memory.

1.jpg (11562 bytes) [At Shakespeare & Company.]

Duncan: Finished?

Methos: No, I got distracted. I found some texts on first-century Chinese apothecary. Couldn't put them down.

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4.jpg (14002 bytes) Duncan: Well, at this rate it'll take you 10 years to put these all away.

Methos: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Duncan: Methos.

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6.jpg (14756 bytes) Methos: You and this guy Cochrane had quite some history.

Duncan: Yeah, I know.

Methos: Does he remember any of this?

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8.jpg (11546 bytes) Duncan: He remembers Picardie, when we went to see Bonny Prince Charlie, but then he doesn't. His memories are all different. It was him that first [?] me into going after Charlie. The memories he's getting back are all wrong. 9.jpg (14221 bytes)
10.jpg (12794 bytes) Methos: It's a human trait, remembering things they way we wish they'd been. We rewrite history so that we can live with it. You ask the Russians. Or come to that, ask the Americans or the British 11.jpg (12749 bytes)
13.jpg (11539 bytes) Duncan: Or the Scots. Turning a loser into a bonny prince because I needed a hero.

Methos: It doesn't matter what he was really like. Surely it's the legend that really matters.

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16.jpg (10293 bytes) Duncan: Right now, the truth is what matters.

Methos: Maybe Cochrane can't face the truth.

Duncan: You found something else?

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17.jpg (9482 bytes) Methos: Cochrane left Paris on Friday with a kid named Andrew Donnelly. His Watcher didn't go with him because his sister was getting married. Figured he'd pick him up on Sunday when they got back. [at Duncan's look] What do you expect? The Watchers are the Immortal FBI? We have lives to live, okay? 18.jpg (10721 bytes)
19.jpg (10829 bytes) Duncan: Who's Andrew Donnelly?

Methos: His student, probably. Cochrane met him in Aberdeen a couple years ago. He has no parents; he was on the streets. Told him about his immortality, recruited him to his cause.

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22.jpg (7955 bytes) Duncan: Where is he now?

Methos: That is the $64,000 question.

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Duncan: Two weeks ago he had a wife, a house, a family. Now he's a fugitive. He's got nothing.

Methos: He's alive.

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Duncan: I still can't believe he'd kill his own student.

Methos: Come on, MacLeod. It's not the first time this happened.

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Duncan: Well, maybe I should have left him alone. Maybe he was better off not knowing. I mean, it's a terrible thing to have to live with.

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Methos: We all have things in our past we wish we hadn't done. I know I do.

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52.jpg (13384 bytes) Duncan: So if you had the chance to forget everything and live life over again, would you?

Methos: No, I wouldn't. Who'd remember Alexa then?

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