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Data: Our moderate, patient Lieutenant Commander. Although he will protest that he is an android and thus self-discipline and diplomacy are merely part of his programming, his passionate and visionary nature hint that his creator was perhaps more clever than he imagines. Nearing the end of his journey, the Fool finally finds closure. Freed, at last, he finds joy in his friendships and in the abundance life has brought. He tastes the simple pleasures of daily existence and finds contentment, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. "I'm free." Fulfillment. At the end of his journey, the Fool finds all he has ever hoped for. All the joys and struggles of his life have led to this moment and it cannot be stolen from him -- for by those very joys and struggles his heart has been shaped for the eternity that awaits him.

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Credit where credit is due:
Data -- portrayed by Brent Spiner. Star Trek: The Next Generation -- copyright by Parmount Pictures.

Mulder -- portrayed by David Duchovny. The X-Files --  copyright by Twentieth Century Fox and its related companies.