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Mulder: the valiant believer who willingly risks all for his quest. The story of the Tarot is the Fool's story: his adventures, his fears, his loves, his growth as a remarkable soul.  In Tarot, it is all about the fool. Yes, Mulder, it is all about you.

The Doctor: Half human, half Gallifreyan, the Doctor is the hero who wins with only two weapons: wit and will. The Fool's perfect companion, his very presence is magic. He appears and -- suddenly -- anything is possible. Jean-Luc Picard: Captain of the Enterprise, the lonely lord of all he surveys. Courageous and competitive, his ambition is balanced by a deep-rooted sense of responsibility for those who fall within his influence. An impressive leader, he strives to provide a stable environment for others so that they, too,  may attain their  highest potential.
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Bob and Grace: Two people who, although completely unaware of one another, are both torn and healed by the self-same sorrow. The choices they follow affect all those around them, both for good and ill. Brought together, they find they are separate halves of the same soul, a mutual source of comfort and joy not only to one another, but also to those privileged to share their lives. Duncan MacLeod: Immortal leader of his clan, he is a man of convictions and high personal conduct. He is an honest man who seeks to live responsibly and provide justice for all who are oppressed. Battered by battle, he has found the uneasy balance of truth and compromise, finally attaining a measure of peace with himself. Merlin: "When a man lies, he murders some part of the world." Wearied by the futile manipulations of man, the magician seeks peace and solitude in which to renew his soul. Unable to fully trust those around him, he finds answers within his silent forest and his dreams. "You're not listening... well, your heart is not." Artist: Alan Lee.
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The Tardis: The Doctor's time machine, forever stuck in the form of a British police call box, is the most unlikely of spacecrafts. Although powered by the force of a black hole, most of her primary repairs can still be accomplished with a simple sonic screwdriver. Capricious and often even contancerous, she provides home and shelter -- whilst seeking out more mischief and life-threatening perils for her passengers. Darius: Immortal general who turned his back on war and now seeks peace. Unconcerned with what is politically correct, his tolerance is fueled by the transforming power of love. A man of discipline and honor, he is unafraid to act on the strength of his convictions. His intelligence and enthusiasm inspire others for whom he becomes a gentle, experienced counselor. Methos: "Do you know who I was? I was Death. Death on a horse..." The oldest immortal, Methos is the very essence of the Unnamed thirteenth member of the Arcana. In his 5,000 plus years he has transformed and reinvented himself countless times -- not always voluntarily. He is the very essence of change. And for Death, he makes a hell of a survivor.

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This is a work in progress being developed for my personal amusement. As anyone will tell you, the cards represented here are a major departure from the very detailed, studied work usually found in Tarot. However, being an avid collector of decks, I began to realize that I was associating the card meanings with a number of personalities -- real and otherwise -- and that this association allowed me to better relate to those particular cards. I have thus endeavered to devise my own deck.

These cards will include historical personalities as well as fictional characters, and yes, it will be an eclectic mixture at best. Each, however, will represent a member of my own personal mythology -- those marvelous individuals whose personalities help define ideas and emotions, and make my life all the richer.

Because most of the cards will use copyrighted images,  this deck will not be published. You may feel free to display them on your site or download them for your personal use (they are a standard 3x5 inches). I only ask that you keep my name associated with them somewhere and to please reference the copyright owners if at all possible.


Credit where credit is due:
Mulder -- portrayed by David Duchovny. The X-Files --  copyright by Twentieth Century Fox and its related companies.

The Doctor and The Tardis -- portrayed by Paul McGann. Doctor Who -- copyright by BBC Enterprises Ltd and the CBS/FOX Company.

Jean-Luc Picard -- portrayed by Patrick Stewart. Star Trek: The Next Generation -- copyright by Parmount Pictures.

Darius, Methos, and Duncan MacLeod -- portrayed by Werner Stocker, Peter Wingfield, and Adrian Paul, respectively. The Highlander -- copyright by Panzer/Davis Productions and Rysher Entertainment

Merlin -- artist: Alan Lee.

Bob and Grace -- portrayed by David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, respectively. Return to Me -- copyright by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc.