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"Getting There" by cslatton

Disclaimer:     Yes, it's the obligatory disclaimer: "The Highlander," its images and its characters are property of Panzer/Davis Productions and Rysher Entertainment. No money is being made from either this story or this site. The text and any accompanying images are for entertainment purposes only.

Warning: At the risk of ruining any kind of suspense (yeah, like I had anyone fooled), this is NOT a character death story. Please bear with me. Rating: R for Language, violence and adult situations. Tender readers are invited to go elsewhere, although you've probably seen worse on the six o'clock news.

Flames and such to:

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Please NOTE: this is a work in progress. Since my name is attached, I'm giving it my best effort and hoping I can make it worth while. Since I have a full time job and a so-called "real" life, I'll have to beg your indulgence in any delays.

Also, periodically I will review chapters and make changes. Sometimes the changes are minor, simply varying syntax and/or sentence structure. I try very hard not to make major changes after I've posted a chapter to this site (i.e., no plot alterations) so unless you're one of those anal retentive folks who are "into" writing as a process, it's probably not worthwhile to re-read just to see what changed. Personally, I think the changes are significant or I wouldn't be making them but then, I'm one of those anal retentive folks.

If you would like to be notified when more chapters are posted, let me know and I will be happy (flattered, actually) to email you with updates, or you can simply bookmark and/or subscribe to this page.

Part 1: Genesis, Exodus & Other Revelations

Part 6: A Conversation with the Page of Swords    

Part 2: A Day in the Life

Part 7: Invisible Places    

Part 3: The Surface of Things


  Part 4: Traveling Mercies


Part 5: Good, Honest Lies


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