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Judgment Day: Someone is killing off Watchers. Meanwhile, Joe Dawson has been kidnapped by the Watchers and put on trial for his life -- for his friendship with Duncan MacLeod.

1.jpg (11562 bytes) [In a tunnel near the barge.]

Duncan: [sword drawn, challenging a Presence in the mist.] Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Methos: Yes, I know— [Chokes as Duncan comes about three inches too close with his sword blade.]

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3.jpg (13453 bytes) Duncan, apologetic: I was expecting someone else.

Methos: Not a close friend, I assume.

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6.jpg (14756 bytes) Duncan: Dawson was here this morning. Someone grabbed him outside the barge.

Methos: Why?

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7.jpg (12782 bytes) Duncan: I don't know. Maybe they're after me. Damn him! What's he doing here?

Methos: Something is going on with the Watchers. Security's intense. That's why I didn't come to the barge.

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9.jpg (14221 bytes) Duncan: You're going to have to find who's out there for me.

Methos: No. If I start questioning people, sooner or later one of them starts questioning me.

Duncan: You owe him.

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10.jpg (8117 bytes) [Methos shakes his head.]

Duncan: Methos, what other Watcher would have kept your secret — that you're an Immortal masquerading as a Watcher named Adam Pierson?

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13.jpg (11539 bytes) Methos: That was his choice.

Duncan: Yes, it was.

Methos: Okay. I'll find out what I can.

Duncan: Thanks.

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15.jpg (7813 bytes) Methos: [mutters to himself] I spent years losing my conscience only for him to go find it again. 17.jpg (9482 bytes)
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20.jpg (8796 bytes) [In a park.]

Methos: They're definitely watching your barge. Phone's probably tapped as well.

Duncan: Who is? Methos.

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22.jpg (7955 bytes) Methos: It's not an Immortal. It's the Watchers.

Duncan: Dawson was taken by his own people? Why? Where is he?

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24.jpg (7939 bytes) Methos: I wasn't able to find out.

Duncan: You're a Watcher, dammit. You should be able to find out.

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26.jpg (10252 bytes) Methos: The rumor is that the Watcher Tribunal are putting him on trial for treason. 27.jpg (10442 bytes)

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[In the woods outside the new Watchers HQ in Lyon, France.]

Methos: We've got to stop meeting like this. People will talk.

Duncan: I thought you said you didn't know where he was being held.

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Methos: I didn't. I [did] some research, okay? How did you find out?

Duncan: I did some research of my own.

Methos: MacLeod, he's in enough trouble as it is. You shouldn't be here.

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Duncan: And you should?

Methos: Okay. Like you say, I owe him one.

Duncan: [smiles] Glad to hear it. [Now let's find] a way in.

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[At the main gates to the Watchers HQ.]

Guard: Hold it. Your ID, please.

[Methos hands it over.]

Guard: What's your business here?

Methos: It's Pierson. Adam Pierson. I'm in research. I'm attached to the Methos project, okay? Check it out.

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Guard: You're not on the list.

Methos: They've shut the library in Paris and moved everything here.

Guard: Come back next week.

Methos: Next week?! This is urgent!

Guard: [amused] Urgent?

47.jpg (10837 bytes) Methos: If I lose Methos because of this, it will be on your head.

Guard: Your assignment's been around for 5000 years. Another week won't kill you.

Methos: Bloody bureaucrat! [Drives away.]

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[In Watchers HQ.]

Methos: Please! Two minutes, please!

Shapiro: All right.

Joe: [whispers to Duncan] Pierson for the defense. Perfect.

Shapiro: Who are you?

52.jpg (13384 bytes) Methos: My name is Adam Pierson. I'm a researcher.

Watcher: We don't need the opinions of researchers.

Methos: Maybe not, but I didn't come to give you an opinion. I came to give you this. [Puts book on table.] I found that in an Italian library misfiled as a fairy tale. It's the private journal of a Watcher — Methos Watcher.

51.jpg (10333 bytes) Watcher: Watchers don't keep journals.

Methos: Well, this one had to. You see, he found out a great deal about his subject. And the more he discovered, the more he came to like him, to admire him.

Shapiro: I know there's a point somewhere here, son.

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53.jpg (13505 bytes) Methos: They became friends, but because of our rules, he couldn't put that in his report. Think about it. The man knew Methos! What stories they must have shared, what histories we might now know if we didn't force men like him — and Joe Dawson — to hide what they have learnt. And how many others, how much more knowledge has been lost to us? I say, let friendship thrive. Let him record all he has learned. Learn. 54.jpg (11424 bytes)
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58.jpg (9167 bytes) Duncan: Damn him. Setting himself up like that, waiting to die. He'll go down without a word.

Methos: It sounds like that's the way he wants it.

Duncan: What does he expect me to do? Stay here and die with him?

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60.jpg (9557 bytes) Methos: Oh, I wouldn't. MacLeod, you need a vacation. I hear New Zealand's very nice this time of year.

Duncan: You did your best. I did my best. If he wants to sit there like a lamb going to the slaughter, then let him. There's nothing else to do. I'm not going back for him.

Methos, not bothering to sound convinced: No, it wouldn't be sensible.

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