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Methuselah's Gift: Methos tracks a legend to save his love. Hoping to find some way of prolonging Alexa's life, Methos attempts to steal the Methuselah Stone, an ancient crystal who's various pieces, when combined, are fabled to render it's possessor immortal.

2.jpg (11437 bytes) [At Watchers HQ.]

Methos: The Methuselah Stone. You almost had it, Luther. The thought of you becoming all-powerful scares the hell out of me even now. But is it really possible that the possession of all the pieces could make an ordinary human immortal? Only one way to find out...

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Stern: What do you want with Luther's file, hm?

Methos: I was just doing some checking. I thought he might have crossed paths with Methos.

Stern: He didn't.

Methos: As you used to be his Watcher, I guess you should know.

1.jpg (11562 bytes) Stern: So you'll be finished with this.

[Stern picks up Luther's file. Methos makes a half-hearted grab for it.]

Methos: There is just one thing. The crystals Luther had, I thought we kept them?

3.jpg (13453 bytes) Stern: They're in the Director's Gallery.

Methos: Really? Can I see them?

Stern: [still wary] Of course. Follow me. It's this way.

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[In the Director's Gallery.]

Stern: Beautiful, isn't it? Almost complete. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Luther had found them all.

6.jpg (14756 bytes) Methos: Nothing would happen, probably.

Stern: I've seen legends in the records going back before Luther, before Rebecca. Some say that the crystal will protect its wearer from death.

7.jpg (12782 bytes) Methos: It's myth and superstition.

Stern: But possible, all the same. Imagine what it would be like to find the last piece, to become like them — immortal.

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9.jpg (14221 bytes) Methos: There's a thought. 10.jpg (12794 bytes)
[In the Director's Gallery, night. Amanda breaks in and sees Methos already there, cradling the crystal in his arms.]

Methos: Amanda?

Amanda: You bastard. [Draws sword.] You can't trust anyone.

11.jpg (12749 bytes) Methos: I don't know what you're talking about.

Amanda: You tried to have me killed, you son of a bitch.

Methos: Don't be ridiculous. I just want these crystals.

Amanda: No, they're mine!

13.jpg (11539 bytes) [She swings her sword at him. Methos jumps back and trips the alarm accidentally and the crystals fall, rolling away, unseen in the darkness.]

Amanda: This isn't over. [She runs off. Methos, frustrated with not being able to find the crystals, flees, as well.]

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[Luxembourg Gardens wrapped in fog. Duncan's sitting on a park bench. Methos approaches.]

Duncan: You're late.

Methos: I'm here. What's so important?

Duncan: The crystal.

 18.jpg (10721 bytes) Duncan: Don't tell me you're buying that stuff about invincibility and magical powers.

Methos: Do you know anything about the Methuselah Stone, MacLeod? There've been stories about its power since before I was born. Whoever has it lives forever.

19.jpg (10829 bytes) Duncan: Yeah, but our immortality doesn't work like that. You know that.

Methos: No, our immortality doesn't. You know anything of its history? It belonged to Methuselah. He lived to be over 900 years old.

Duncan: Says who?

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Methos: Before Methuselah died, he gave it to his grandson, Noah. Now Noah survived the great flood.

Duncan: Why are you doing this? You've lived this long without it. Why do you need it now?

Methos: Alexa. She's in hospital in Geneva. She doesn't have long.

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Duncan: You knew it had to be this way.

Methos: Yeah, from the first moment I saw her. Is that supposed to make it easier? Is that supposed to make it okay? If there's even one chance that I can save her, then I have to try.

Duncan: Yeah, but how much is this stone worth to you?

Methos: My life.

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Duncan: And anybody else's?

Methos: Amanda attacked me last night.

Duncan: Yeah, somebody tried to take her head a few nights ago.

Methos: Well, it wasn't me.

Duncan: Yeah, they were mortals, I know. She thinks that you sent them to get the last piece of the crystal.

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Methos, stunned: I think I'd better go.

Duncan, as Methos turns to leave: Methos. Methos! Just tell me you didn't do it.

[Methos, glances back at him, but walks away without a word.]

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[In a train yard. Amanda sees Methos and draws her sword.]

Methos: What are you doing?

Amanda: I came to talk and you set me up again!

Methos: What?!

29.jpg (9923 bytes) Amanda: Even if you kill me, Methos, you're not gonna get my crystal.

Methos: Amanda, I need the crystal.

Amanda: Not a chance!

[Amanda attacks Methos with sword. They fight.]

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Methos: Don't do this!

Amanda: Shut up and fight.

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[Methos knocks her down and puts his sword to neck.]

Methos: You fool!

Amanda: At least I don't betray my friends. Who will it be? MacLeod? Huh? You're gonna kill him next? Just go ahead and kill me if she means so much to you.


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[Enraged, Methos raises his sword to take Amanda's head. After a brief second in which Amanda realizes her gross miscalculation, Methos bitterly throws his sword down and pulls her to her feet.]

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39.jpg (9370 bytes) Methos: You understand nothing. Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach on Santorini watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean. Now she is lying in a hospital in Switzerland breathing through a tube. 41.jpg (8705 bytes)
42.jpg (11289 bytes) You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another Immortal with a sword knowing only one of you will live? You try being her! You try living one year knowing that your time is running out, knowing that when it comes to the final fight, however much you train, whatever tricks you have — you still lose! 43.jpg (11388 bytes)
44.jpg (12074 bytes) That's the way it is for them. There's so little time for them to see anything or do anything. [Frustrated, he walks away and retrieves his sword.]

Amanda: Methos.

Methos: [Swings around, sword ready.] What?!

Amanda: I'm sorry. [Hugs him as he groans into her shoulder.] Sorry. I'm sorry.

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[At Watchers HQ, night.]

Methos: Okay, we have six minutes while they change over shifts. I haven't seen a vault this tough since I rode with Butch and Sundance.

Amanda: Laser sensors. Titanium bars.

Methos: Try impossible.

Amanda: Have a little faith.

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50.jpg (10189 bytes) [A cat meows.]

Methos: I'll get the cat. [Follows cat.] Not the carpet. Not the— Nice kitty. Nice kitty. Come kitty. No! Not the alarm!

[Amanda opens vault.]

Methos: Okay, let's get it.

Amanda, amused: Uh, get rid of the cat.

[Methos leaves with the cat.]

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Stern: [watching Amanda on monitor as she collects the crystal.] Well, well.

[Stern and Geiger apprehend Amanda as she tries to fast talk her way out with the crystal. Methos comes from behind and drops the cat on Stern's shoulder then struggles with Stern.]

52.jpg (13384 bytes) Methos: [to Amanda] Go! Go! Get out of here.

[Stern shoots Methos.]

Methos: Go! Go! [Drops to the ground, dead as Amanda flees.]

53.jpg (13505 bytes) [Still at Watchers HQ. Methos is conscious and being held at gunpoint.]

Geiger: Bloody hell, he's Immortal.

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Stern: All this time, hm? Making believe you were one of us. Using us, laughing at us.

Methos: No one was laughing.

Stern: Why?

55.jpg (11489 bytes) Methos: It was a way to keep track of the others — to stay clear of them. I was playing a charade, but it wasn't to betray you. I respect you. You have a sense of purpose, a dedication to history.
56.jpg (10832 bytes) Geiger, dripping sarcasm: Well then, that's why you and Amanda stole the crystals, because you admired our dedication to history.

Methos: No, I wanted the crystals because someone I love is dying.

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Stern: Oh stop lying, Adam, or whatever the hell your name is.

Methos: I'm not.

Stern: Do you realize what you've done? I've dedicated my whole life to being a Watcher. We trusted you and you destroyed us.

58.jpg (11773 bytes) Methos: Why would I want to destroy you?! I have been with you for 10 years! I'm not about to go telling anyone now!
59.jpg (12296 bytes) Stern: How can I believe a man whose whole life has been a lie? An Immortal among us, who knows us — it's our worst fear. There's only one way I can be sure of you. [to Geiger] Give me his sword. Now! 60.jpg (9817 bytes)
Geiger: You're not really going to do this.

Stern: If you haven't the stomach for it, get out. [to Methos] I take no pleasure in this.

Methos: Cut clean.

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63.jpg (10854 bytes) [Geiger and Stern, however, decide that the unknown immortal may be worth cutting a deal for, however, and arrange a meeting with Amanda.] 65.jpg (10397 bytes)

[On a bridge. Geiger shoots Stern in the back.]

Geiger: I never really liked him anyway. [to Amanda] I believe we have a transaction to finish.

Methos: [disbelieving -- honestly, Geiger doesn't really look that bright...] You planned all this?

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Geiger: Why'd you think I became a Watcher? It sure as hell wasn't to spend the rest of my life looking through bloody keyholes at you. It was to be you — an Immortal — to figure out how you do it.

Methos: We don't use the crystal.

Geiger: Yeah, that's why you were trying to steal it.

66.jpg (10255 bytes) Methos: How many lives is it worth, Daniel?

Geiger: As many as it takes. And don't give me that holier than thou crap. How many people have you killed to stay alive?

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69.jpg (9750 bytes)

Geiger: It's never the same, is it? It's always the same with you people though. You and your kind kill each other every day, and you glorify yourselves that it's some game. Well, this time I'm in that game too, and this is my prize.

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70.jpg (9634 bytes) 72.jpg (8942 bytes) [MacLeod and Amanda play out the transaction, staging an explosion on the bridge. Most of the crystal, however, falls into the river in the ensuing scuffle.]
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80.jpg (10716 bytes) Methos: My flight back to Geneva leaves at 10. She'll never know how close I came.

Duncan: She'll know how much you love her.

Methos: As much as I can for as long as she lives.

Duncan: Yeah.

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82.jpg (12382 bytes) Amanda: I know this doesn't have the magic, but um, I don't know, I was thinking, maybe you'll take it for good luck?

[Amanda gives Methos her crystal. He looks at it then gives it back.]

Methos: You keep it. Think of us.

Amanda: And you, [she kisses him] courage. Courage.

[Methos drives away.]

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84.jpg (13597 bytes) Duncan: Godspeed, old friend. Godspeed.

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