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Jacques: That database that you and Salzer made wasn't sanctioned!

Methos: It was something new. It would have been useful.

1.jpg (13490 bytes) Jacques: Why? Because some pissant grad student thinks so and screws up the Watcher system that has worked for thousands of years?! Security is the reason we stay separate! So that one idiot won't compromise us all!
2.jpg (11089 bytes) Methos: I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe. I was there.

Joe: History's been written. People have been known to kill the messenger who waltzes in with a new version of the truth.

Methos: Why would I tell the truth?

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6.jpg (10580 bytes) Methos: Clancy, the editor of the Tribune, is dead. So's Christine Salzer.

Duncan: How?

Methos: (quick to defuse the advancing Duncan): I didn't do it. Someone got there ahead of me.

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Methos: I was in Rome once. 93 AD. The Coliseum. I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith.

Duncan: Your point, or are we just strolling down memory lane here?

12.jpg (10814 bytes) Methos: But afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions.

Duncan: This isn't about faith.

Methos: No, it's about sacrifice. It's a hell of a thing to be a martyr, MacLeod. And that's what Kalas wants. He's pushing all your buttons

11.jpg (13819 bytes) Methos: So what if the world finds out? Life is about change. Civilizations rise and fall.

Duncan: This isn't about civilizations. This is about people. Amanda. Dawson. Richie. Our world is not an ant farm.

Methos: The passion of youth.

Duncan: Hm, boys will be boys.

Methos: And every cloud has a silver lining.

Duncan: What d'you mean?

Methos: If you die, Amanda will be free to date.

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A note about the photos.  My video of this episode is not the highest quality and I'm afraid it shows. Please bear with me if some of the photos seem a bit overdone as a result.

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All screen captures collected here were made by me. You're more than welcome to use them with the following understanding: all screen captures are copyrighted by Panzer/Davis Productions and Rysher Entertainment, a division of Cox Media. No money is made from this site and the images are for entertainment purposes only.