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FINALE 1: So enthralling it took two entire episodes. Ooookay. Yes, Virginia, there really is a plot, it just seems to hang on some of the barest threads -- but if your willing to suspend a lot of common sense (and any computer/digital-graphics savy you might have collected through the years) this set of episodes is not really all *that* bad.  Anyhoo, it seems that our Methos, a.k.a., Adam Pierson, mild-mannered Watcher, has been up to mischief, and creating all manner of mayhem, whilst innocently believing himself to be doing something noble and charitable. You'd think he'd learn by now.... You see, our Ultra-elusive One has helped design and create a Watcher database. Yes, folks, the secrets of the Immortals *and* their personal fan club, all on one handy disk-- including files on Adam Pierson himself?! Apparently our boy's still carrying that death-wish he had in "Methos..." And while we're at it, could someone call Bill Gates and get Microsoft to check out the compression factor of a CD-ROM that can hold the collective treasury of over -- what? -- ten thousand years? That's either some very impressive technology -- or our Watchers are a bunch of slackers who don't keep very extensive notes. Yeah, the episode has it's share of problems-- but, hey! there's some good Methos viewage, so whadda I care?  We've got Kalas being bad (and he's so good at that), Methos allowing himself to be berated like some grad-school flunky (and looking suitably chastised, the devious little devil) and lots of fireworks at the end. What more can you ask for?

1.jpg (11562 bytes) Duncan: [to Joe] What brings you to Paris?

Methos: I called him.

Duncan: I know you wanted to see Methos, but 6000 miles is a long way to travel for a social visit.

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Joe: Yeah, well, it's Watcher business. It really doesn't concern you, Mac.

Duncan: Whatever.

Joe: I mean if it did, I would tell you.


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8.jpg (11546 bytes) Duncan: It's all right, Joe. I've got my own problems right now.

Methos: I don't suppose this problem has a name, does it?

Duncan: Kalas.

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20.jpg (8129 bytes) Joe: You'll destroy everyone — the good, not just the bad.

Christine: There are no good ones. It's evil, all of it.

Methos: They are not all like Kalas. [Cuts open hand, which heals instantly.] You'll be destroying me too. I'm one of them, Christine.

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Christine: All this time... You're one of those things pretending to be one of us.

Methos: Christine, you've known me for years.

Christine: No. Get out. Get out of my house. You're finished, all of you

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23.jpg (7499 bytes)  Joe: Well, that went really well. What were you thinking about?

Methos: I wasn't thinking. I was improvising.

Joe: By cutting yourself open. It took you 5000 years to figure that out.


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28.jpg (13560 bytes) Methos: Disappointed in me, huh? Oh, come on, give me a break. What do you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha?

Joe: [sighs] Forget it.

Methos: I'm sorry, Joe. I'm just a guy.

Joe: I guess next you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus.

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Methos: Every one. I wiped the computer clean. He didn't keep anything at home. Christine's only got her word. People living forever, running around cutting each other's heads off with swords...

Joe: Who's going to believe her?

Methos: It'll be filed away with alien abductions and Elvis sightings.

108.jpg (8090 bytes) Joe: Well, I'm glad you can laugh when your life is just about to be turned inside out.

Methos: Empires rise and fall, Joe. Remember the old Chinese curse?

Joe: Yeah. "May you live in interesting times." Well, things just got really interesting.

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Duncan: For thousands of years, Joe, you've kept this a secret. What the hell happened?

Methos: Don't blame Joe.

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Methos: Well, life as we know it is over.

Joe: Do you know what you just allowed to happen?

Duncan: Yes.

Joe: Why? MacLeod, why did you save her?

[Duncan walks away.]

Methos: He didn't save her. He saved you.

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A note about the photo: My video of this episode is not the highest quality and I'm afraid it shows. Please bear with me if some of the photos seem a bit overdone as a result.

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