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Deliverance: Duncan is overcome by a Dark Quickening and becomes the very thing he hates: evil. Joe calls Methos for help, and help he does. At great personal risk to himself, Methos guides MacLeod through his pain and encourages him to face the dark side of himself, finding, finally, deliverance.

One wonders if Methos had a similar experience once: a Dark Quickening that altered his soul -- except that *he* woke to find Kronos at his side....

On a lighter note: Is it just me, or does Methos make a far more interesting mentor than Yoda....?

1.jpg (11562 bytes) [Methos pulls up to the sound of gunshots. Duncan tumbles out of the house with a gun-toting captain in hot pursuit.]

Methos: [to Duncan] Get in. What do you want? A written invitation?

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7.jpg (12782 bytes) [In a church]

Methos: Good morning. Feeling any better?

Duncan: What do you think?

Methos: I think maybe you got what you deserved.

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9.jpg (14221 bytes) Duncan: You and your Watcher friends. [laugh] Dawson's becoming a real pain in the ass.

Methos: Yes, well, I'll pass that down the line.

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Duncan: [mocking] I don't need your help, my son.

Methos: Have you tried looking in the mirror recently?

Duncan: Yes, and I liked what I saw.

12.jpg (12032 bytes) Methos: Duncan, I know what happened. First Kol T'ek, now you. This is a dark quickening. This is not who you are.

Duncan: No, but maybe it's who I should be. What you see is what you get.

13.jpg (11539 bytes) Methos: You can fight this. I can help you if you'll let me.

Duncan: Yeah, and why would you want to do that?

Methos: Because of who you are. You're too important to lose!

Duncan: I'm not lost.

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15.jpg (7813 bytes) Methos: MacLeod, this could be your last chance to be saved.

Duncan: There's just one problem. [He grabs Methos and holds a sword to his neck] I don't wanna be saved.

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17.jpg (9482 bytes) Methos: You can't do this.

Duncan: No?

Methos: This is holy ground! Whatever evil is inside you, *you* cannot do this.

[Duncan throws him to the ground and exits.]

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[Outside the church, Duncan carjacks a young couple's vehicle.]

Methos: MacLeod, what're you doing?!

19.jpg (10829 bytes) [Duncan tries to run Methos over, then drives away in the stolen car.]

Methos: [to carjack victims] Hope you're insured.

20.jpg (8129 bytes)  Methos, driving: He's worse than I thought.

Joe: [on the phone] Maybe you should just stay away, 'cause he will kill you if he can.

Methos: Hey, I'm tougher than I look.

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25.jpg (8836 bytes) Claude: Adam, how are you? What brings you to Le Havre?

Methos: I've got to find Duncan MacLeod. Claude, I know this is irregular. I'm trying to find out where he might be going.

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31.jpg (10039 bytes) Claude: What do you care? You're a researcher working on the Methos Chronicle. You're not supposed to be in the field.

Methos: Dawson sent me. It's a special case with MacLeod. It's a dark quickening. We can't let him out of our sight.

Claude: He called up Sean Burns. He might go there.

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[Methos finds McCleod, sword in hand, at Sean Burn's residence.]

Methos: MacLeod! No! Don't do it!

Duncan: You can't interfere!

Sean: Duncan, it's not too late. What you were, what you love, is still waiting for you.

Duncan: There's nothing waiting for me.

210.jpg (12742 bytes) Methos: Don't do this, MacLeod.

Sean: Those aren't your memories, Duncan. The hate doesn't belong to you. The voices aren't yours. Don't listen to them. You're lost in there, but I can help you. I can lead you back. Your core is still good. You are still Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Come.

Duncan: Not anymore. [Beheads Sean.]

Methos: No!

36.jpg (15121 bytes) [After the quickening, which Methos shares by virtue of his proximity, Methos picks up the katana.]

Methos: Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I cannot save you. I've known a lot of us in 5000 years, MacLeod. Of them all, you were the best I'd seen.

Duncan: I still am.

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Methos: No, you're not. [regretfully] And I think I have to kill you.

Duncan: Then I hope you like what you see. Because if you kill me, you become me. You become what I am.

Methos: Maybe not. Maybe there's more room inside me.

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Duncan: You'll kill, Methos. You'll do exactly what I did. You'll kill a friend, a lover. You will go mad. Do you know what evil is? Dark, soulless evil. Imagine it. Live it!

Methos, the possibility unnerving although he cannot admit it: You're deluded.

Duncan: What you see is what you get. I hope your soul is ready for me.

Methos: We'll see.

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Duncan: [laughs] Go ahead. Take my head. Kill me. Go on.

[Still uncertain, Methos charges at Duncan. Duncan grabs the katana and knocks Methos over a wall.]

Duncan: Fool! [He starts to go over the wall after Methos, thinks better of it, and leaves.]

Methos: [groans] I'm too old for this.

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43.jpg (11388 bytes) [At Darius' church.]

Methos: I was hoping I'd find you here.

Duncan: Leave me alone.

Methos: With God or with your demons?

Duncan: Look at me. See me as I am, not as I was. Or as you want me to be. I will kill you.

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48.jpg (8969 bytes) Methos: You might.

Duncan: I don't want to.

Methos: And that is your salvation.

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44.jpg (12074 bytes) Duncan: There is no salvation for me.

Methos: Why? Because you're alone? Because it's just you against all that evil? You're not alone, not out here, and not in there. [Points to Duncan's heart. Duncan backs away, uncomfortable.] Why are you in a church, MacLeod? Why did you come? Because Sean Burns is with you. His goodness is a part of you. Feel him. Take his strength, and yours, and come with me.

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50.jpg (10189 bytes) [Duncan reaches to pick up his katana.]

Methos: It... might be better if I took that. [Angered, Duncan slams the weapon into Methos' grasp. Methos accepts the katana without comment, grateful for even this begrudged trust.]

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[Having driven into a wood.]

Methos: Right. We're here. There's a holy spring here. It's been lost since the 7th century. Nobody seems to know about it. There are indeed those who say it's magic.

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52.jpg (13384 bytes) Duncan: [Slugs him.] I can't do this.

Methos: Fight it! Fight it like you have fought every other evil thing in your life because that is what you are up against. Remember who you are! Remember this. [Holds out the Clan MacLeod sword.] It belongs in your hand. Take it.

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[After Duncan confronts and slays his evil self at the holy spring.]

Methos: MacLeod?

Duncan: It's over.

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56.jpg (10832 bytes) Methos: Then I think this is yours.

[Methos hands over the katana, laughing his delight, and helps Duncan out of the holy spring.]

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[On the quay outside the barge.]

Duncan: I'm warning you, I trashed the place. The place is a mess. I haven't been myself lately.

Methos: You know, I hadn't noticed.

[They enter the barge and find Rachel MacLeod there.]

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Duncan: Rachel?

Rachel: I hope you don't mind. I was just picking up.

Duncan: Uh, no. What are you doing here?

Rachel: Your friend said you were in trouble, and that you needed the sword, so I gave it to him. He's a convincing lad.

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Duncan: He's a persistent one too. [Methos ignores the remark, helping to pick up the room.]

Rachel: When I started thinking, when I was in danger and the MacLeod clan needed you, you helped us. I thought it was my turn. You're in trouble, aren't you?

Duncan: Ah, not anymore.

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Methos: Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've left Alexa in Athens. You kids be good.

Duncan: Adam. Um, look, look, um...

Methos: [quietly to Duncan] It's no big deal. [Leaves.]

Rachel: Good friend you have there.

Duncan: Yeah, one of the best.

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