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CHIVALRY:     Methos returns to Seacouver to warn Duncan an old enemy has resettled in the area. The ROG is left marveling, however, when Duncan proves incapable of deciding upon any proactive stance against the woman, despite her murderous activities. Weary of trying to manipulate the situation around Duncan's pontificating and guilty pondering, Methos finally takes the task upon himself, accepting the role of executioner with the air of a man sent to squash a bug. He manages to deliver the coupe de grace with as much finesse as possible given the circumstances.

Methos: Candygram!

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Duncan: So what brings a 5000-year-old man to me?

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Methos: You've got a friend, Richie Ryan. He met Kristin yesterday morning.

Duncan: He didn't tell me that.

Methos: Maybe he hasn't got out of bed yet.

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Methos, keeping score, biding his time: Round one to Kristin.

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Methos, a.k.a. Mr. Manners, bows before entering the dojo. He then, oh-so-innocently asks if he may admire Duncan's precious katana. Duncan obliges. Ah, children. They're so trusting....

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Duncan: Not funny, Methos.

Methos: Not meant to be. Not only are you na´ve, now you are weaponless. How do you live this long?

8.jpg (11546 bytes) Duncan: All right, you made your point.

Methos: Have I? One day she is going to kill you.

Duncan: She's tried already.

Methos: You're better with a blade than her, yes. You're stronger than her, yes. But if you keep letting her walk away, one day she gets lucky and takes your head, yes!

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12.jpg (12032 bytes) Duncan: Oh, I don't know. Maybe she'll stop to gloat like you. [Knocks Methos over.] You wanna play?

Methos: Great! You knock me on my bum because I make a bad joke! Very macho. But you keep letting her walk away, without even taking a shot, that is very suicidal.

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Duncan: You know what she was to me.

Methos: Yes! And I know what she is! A killer. You treat her like one.

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Duncan: Oh, you developed this technique.

Methos: It's working, isn't it?

Duncan: Not for long. [Puts sword to Methos' neck.]

15.jpg (7813 bytes) Methos: Well then get with it, before Kristin kills you and your friend. 16.jpg (10293 bytes)
18.jpg (10721 bytes) Contemplating whatever new information this little practice session has revealed -- and filing it away for future reference. Meanwhile, he's revealed nothing. Not even his prowess with Oriental weaponry... 17.jpg (9482 bytes)

Richie: No way, Mac. Not me. We have this thing between us, Mac. It's like an electrical connection. Why can't you understand that?

Methos: They didn't have electricity when he knew her.

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Richie: [to Methos] Don't you get sick of him being older and wiser all the time?

Methos: Yeah, I can see that that could get a bit annoying.


Duncan: He's not listening to me.

Methos: How could he? She's got him tingling in places he didn't even know he had.

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Duncan: He hasn't listened to a word I said.

Methos: Well that happens. Guess this must be what it's like to have kids.

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Methos:  If she'd been a man, she'd have been dead 350 years ago. A couple of medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.

Duncan: Would you rather that I had no code of honor at all?

Methos: I would rather you survived. You put that first.

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Duncan: Do you think it's easy killing a woman that you've held in your arms, a woman that you've made love to?

Methos: Take it from me, it's easier than dying.


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Methos: Look at me, MacLeod. I didn't last 5000 years by worrying about anyone but myself.

Duncan: Really? Could have fooled me. [Paints Methos' nose.]


Richie: This is all nuts! She would have killed me.

Methos: Round two to Kristin. You dump her, and then you turn your back on her?! Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged!

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Methos: Where're you going?

Duncan: Kristin's. Coming? I'm sure it's something you wouldn't want to miss.

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Not only does he make a fetching voyeur, he's pretty good in the rescue department, too. What a man!

Methos: [to Kristin regarding her sword] Pick it up.

Kristin: Who the hell are you?

Methos: A man who was born long before the Age of Chivalry. Pick it up.

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The coup de grace--

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Methos: [during the quickening] Someone had to.

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His motives still unquestioned, Methos settles back on the couch with a beer and declines to make a judgement call on Duncan's decorating scheme. He suggests that Duncan get someone in. Methos, himself, apparently, has handled enough of Duncan's personal affairs for one day....

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